Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yea...lost and found...

Hey, we actually got some of the work done, quite a bit actually, but we just fell apart...I had a lot of work to do so no more time for keeping the team alive. Anyway, before we died we actually made a partial patch but I had to reinstall my PC so I kinda lost everything (I thought so anyway), though a few days ago I found one of the partial patches on my external HDD...who knows what else might still be around here`s the patch I found, if I get anything else out of there I`ll upload it, we actually had a bigger patch than that somewhere. Just paste it in the PL folder: PS: I`m amazed no one else from the team posted this earlier...


  1. hey is this the english patch for Princess Lover?
    and if so could you put it on a different site so I could download it

  2. And yeah, the link is broken. Could you pls fix that? Or upload onto a different site?

  3. U guys think of keeping the project alive?
    Or did u drop it already?